Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diagnostic essay; Amazing Living

Rose Jackson
Section 45- Eng111
Diagnostic Essay
August 26, 2009

Loving Amazing Living

The best job I have ever had was working in Amazing Living Retirement Community. The retirement center was my third job working as a certified nursing assistant. Although I had been in other buildings none would compare to Amazing Living retirement Community. The building was beautiful as I entered I noticed wall to wall carpet and huge glass fixtures falling from the ceiling. There were tall windows that started from the floor and continued until each of window reached the ceiling . The windows displayed the beautiful multicolored garden.

The staff at Amazing Living Retirement Community were friendly, loving, and caring . Working in the retirement center seemed like a hone away from home. The administrator and director were family oriented which allowed employees to invite their families to many different events and activities such as Easter egg hunting, trick or treating, and Christmas caroling.

Amazing Living Retirement Community had such a warm environment. While being employed by Amazing Living Retirement Community I experience a sense of belonging from the employees, families, and residents. When I was working for the retirement center the moral of the employees were important , all suggestions were vauled, and everyone was treated equally. My employment by the retirement center was a wonderful experience.

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